About Zoe:

Zoe is a cute, bouncy, busty model from Britain who loves a good laugh.

She is a hot, big boobed, round butted babe with 30F bust and all in a tiny 5'1" package.

Ipswich in Suffolk was Zoe's home town where she worked in various humdrum jobs such as the local bowling centre and a call centre til her modelling took off.

Zoe's favourite thing is her shoe collection with some amazing heels, though she also likes jewellery and a bit of funky perfume too.

Foodwise Zoe loves a good roast and you can always make her smile with sweets!!

After winning the Sunday Star's Video Vixen competition a while back, she had great fun attending shoots and promos for Star and features in lads mags etc.

Zoe says "I love seeing men dancing and being so drunk my legs go numb, and hate onions and the scratch down the side of my car!"



Sunday Star's Video Vixen winner.

Daily Star newspaper, Sport, lads mags, Car mags and girly calendars,

Glamour shoots in Spain and France.

A part in a short film.


See more Zoe at:

On the net you can find her at lads website curvedfx.com,

Zoe is currently available on Sky channels Redlight TV including the Playboy channel, for a good chat or a naughty one on occassions, give her a call for a hot chat!!


la senza, apple sours, sexy lingerie, dressing like a slut!!, men dancing, people falling over, flaming lamborghinis, amandas river island belt, being so drunk my legs go numb, driving in the rain, big fat mother f****r thunder storms, flirting, knee high socks, amu-lu, sunshine, stockings, laughing so much i cant breathe.


tequilla, onions, people who stare, backstabbers, low flying seagulls, people who winge at me, narrow minded people, seeing animals in pain, pikeys and heroin addicts, the scratch down the side of my car, people who stir shit for no reason, being lied to, working at weekends, terry wogan GRRRR, when i see a nice top but its not in my size, being unable to buy sexy shoes where i live, people who judge, frogs...also eee