who is Brandy Amy Brewer?

Modelling to TV

From a tentative start with local photographers, Brandy's modelling career took off in 2008. Brandy built her portfolio quickly with jobs from websites like curvedfx.com to magazines such as Zoo and Nuts.

Cornish born and proud, Brandy now lives in London with a model friend, buzzing around from one crazy event to another. Returning home to Cornwall is always important though, to see mum, who inspired Brandy in her younger years.

TV Success

Pusuing her dream to be a singer or TV Personality, in 2010 Brandy appeared on Channel 4's Cookery School and proved she hed the personality to make her mark!

The Bachelor 2012

Now appearing in Channel 5's The Bachelor 2012 on TV from 29 June, Brandy Say's she can't wait to meet all the new friends she has made again and make her Tv career bloom.


Also an accomplished singer, Brandy has appeared solo and in bands and has a great Rep :).

Soccer Babe

Brandy is Chelsea Football Clubs biggest female fan and won Miss UK Football Finder in 2010, and don't mention any other teams to her because you may get a curt reply :).

Brandy's Likes

The Bachelor, Singing, X FACTOR, veggie food, Raving, powerful men, Cocktails, sunshine, naughty chats, getting naked, coca cola, tea, baked potatoes, Modelling.


Checkout Brandy's saucy pictures and videos solo and with other models at curvedfx.com


Page 3 of Daily Star tabloid UK as Amy, Loaded Mag Rear of the year 2008, Appearing on curvedfx.com, Miss UK Football Finder 2010, Nuts Boardmasters winner, Zoo mag - several features, Cover girl for HeDD mag 2011, Channel 4 TV Cookery School first aired Feb 2010, Singing with bands and solo in concert, Sports TV 2011, Presenting on Elite TV and Babestation

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