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About Keira Jasmine

Keira's a cheeky cockney cutie from East London in Good old Blighty!

She enjoys a bottle and a boogie on a Saturday night with the girls and always ends up on the dance floor....

Keira is currently on Sky Adult channel Bluebird TV and has been on Babestation, TVX and Redlight, so give her a call and make her smile....:)

Published in Uk mags Nuts, Zoo, The Daily Star, Page 3 Idol

likes X Factor, Eastenders, Red wine, Football, Soaps, Page 3, Smiling, Politeness, Pizza.

dislikes Bad Manners, rudeness, Disrespect!

other websites bodidreams (100% NAKED) Onlytease Only Opaques Hayleys Secrets see below

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Galleries : 17

Videos : 2

Big Pix : 8

Multi girl shoots : 6

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100% naked @ bodidreams

St Mackenzies

 Bound by Bhowani has Keira under another name

Ultra Sexy Superheroines and Spandex Workout - inlcudes Alana Kerri, Fiona York and Wonderbra and Page 3 babe Katie Green

Fantasy Album - inlcudes lots of lesser known UK models as well as a few curvedfx girls

Keira on PantyManiacs